CHITOSE=千歳(Thousand years i.e. long life)


So many beautiful Japanese crafts are made in traditional ways.

We wanted to preserve these ways and to integrate them into modern life and we wanted to make them available globally so that everyone can enjoy them.


We started the brand CHITOSE with the hope of providing opportunities for the world to get to know Japanese handicrafts. By adding new value to beautiful traditional Japanese products, we hope CHITOSE will be loved by every generation and will suit different lifestyles.The Kimono has been handed down for many generations and nurtured in our long Japanese tradition of appreciating beauty.Each Kimono’s mesmerizing design patterns, colours and symbols have meanings. Their colours usually relate to nature and often depict certain sceneries of different seasons. Made with exceptional skills and using fine materials they are regarded as great works of art.


CHITOSE has added new life to these wonderful vintage Kimonos by crafting them in to our home furnishing products.

We were also inspired to make them into crockery, pottery and flower pots.“CHITOSE” translates “ Thousand years” and our concept is to breathe new life into vintage goods for them to bring joy for many years to come.